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24 de septiembre de 2019

Vista Pública Proceso de Adopción del Reglamento de Práctica Comerciales
24 de septiembre de 2019
Orden 2019-007 deja sin efecto la Orden 2019-006 sobre Congelación de Precio por el paso de la Tormenta Tropical KAREN
25 de septiembre de 2019

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO, or the Department), is in the process of adopting COMMERCIAL PRACTICE REGULATIONS. This Regulation is promulgated according to the powers conferred to DACO by virtue of Laws No. 228 of May 12, 1942, No. 97 of June 19, 1953, No. 148 of June 27, 1968, No. 5 April 23, 1973, No. 70 – 1992, No. 62 – 1993, No. 126 – 1993, No. 210 – 2003, No. 42 – 2006, No. 95 – 2006, No. 96 – 2006, No. 240 – 2006, No. 31 – 2015, No. 42-2015, No. Law 247-2015, No. 256 – 2015 and No. 38 – 2017, as amended.

The purpose of the COMMERCIAL PRACTICE REGULATIONS as promulgated by the Department is to group and update all the measures that the Department has adopted to regulate certain commercial practices in Puerto Rico, in order to provide security and confidence to consumers. With this measure, we intent to facilitate for merchants and consumers the ability to identify under a single set of Regulations the commercial practices allowed and prohibited in attention to the rights that as an agency we are bound to safeguard. This Regulation supersedes and, consequently, repeals the following Regulations: No. 1934; No. 7421; No. 7425; No. 6754; No. 7764; No. 7919; No. 8580; No. 8599; No. 8704; No. 5463; No. 8631; No. 8771; and No. 3668.

Prior to the filing of the aforementioned regulation with the State Department, DACO will be evaluating the comments and suggestions submitted to us by both consumers and merchants until October 29th, 2019, to the following email: .gov. The Department will also hold oral hearings on October 30th and 31st 2019, at Centro Gubernamental Minillas, Torre Norte, Piso P, Salón A.

We request that those who wish to express their positions during the oral hearings inform us of it at least five days before these processes, in order to be properly scheduled. We also request to submit previously your presentations to the email

The COMMERCIAL PRACTICE REGULATIONS is available for review on the DACO Website,


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Reglamento Borrador Prácticas Comerciales

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